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Beautiful You, Beautiful Me



Publisher & Publication Year

Owlkids Books, 2022

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Tasha Spillett-Sumner (Cree/Trinidadian)

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Salini Perera



Izzy’s favorite place to be is in Mama’s arms—skin to skin, safe and warm. One night, cuddled up on Mama’s lap, Izzy notices something she’s never noticed before: her skin is the color of chocolate, but Mama’s skin is the color of sand. When Izzy realizes she’s different from Mama in other ways, too, she feels sad and confused. She wants to be beautiful like Mama! But Mama addresses Izzy’s disappointment with a gentle, loving refrain: You’re part of me, and I’m part of you. I’m beautiful like me, and you’re beautiful like you. Finding lessons from nature and repeating her affirming message, Mama encourages Izzy to see her own unique beauty.

Notable Achievements

A Loan Stars Jr. Top 10 Selection, 2022; Ontario Library Association Top Ten Best Bets List, 2022; Toronto Public Library First and Best List, 2023; A CBC Best Canadian Picture Book of 2022; American Indians in Children’s Literature Best Book of 2022; FOLD Kids Book-of-the-Month, 2023; CBC Kids Reads, 2023; Teacher Favorites Award, 2023


Kirkus Reviews: "Spillett-Sumner’s quiet text strikes a steady rhythm of call and response: Izzy’s uncertainties and her mother’s answering refrain that celebrates rather than dismisses the pair’s differences... A lovely accompaniment to any cuddle."

Educator Guide

This guide, created by Anishinaabe educators Christine M’Lot and Mary Swain, includes key concepts and multimedia activities.

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