Book cover of Jo Jo Makoons: Fancy Pants

Jo Jo Makoons: Fancy Pants



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Heartdrum, 2022

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Dawn Quigley (Turtle Mountain Band of Ojibwe)

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Tara Audibert (Wolastoqey)



First grader Jo Jo Makoons knows how to do a lot of things, like how to play jump rope, how to hide her peas in her milk, and how to be helpful in her classroom. But there’s one thing Jo Jo doesn’t know how to do: be fancy. She has a lot to learn before her Aunt Annie’s wedding! Favorite purple unicorn notebook in hand, joJo Jo starts exploring her Ojibwe community to find ways to be fancy.

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Educator Guide

This guide to Indigenous literature, created by Andrea Page in association with Heartdrum, includes discussion questions for Jo Jo Makoons: Fancy Pants as well as a general introduction to the importance of Indigenous books.

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