Just Like Grandma



Publisher & Publication Year

Heartdrum, 2023

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Kim Rogers (Wichita and Affiliated Tribes)

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Julie Flett (Cree-Métis)



Becca loves spending time with Grandma. Every time Becca says, “Let me try,” Grandma shows her how to make something beautiful. Whether they are beading moccasins, dancing like the most beautiful butterflies, or practicing basketball together, Becca knows that, more than anything, she wants to be just like Grandma. But Grandma is also learning from Becca. And Grandpa is there throughout taking care of them while they all learn together.

Notable Achievements


Publishers Weekly: “Textured, earth-toned art from Cree-Métis illustrator Flett foregrounds the two figures, who cue as Wichita, while the text emphasizes a love of family and sense of tradition that anchor this subtly told story’s world.”

Kirkus Reviews: “A sweet celebration of family, intergenerational bonds, and traditions.”

Booklist: “A tender and touching tribute to the loving, reciprocal bonds of intergenerational relationships.”

Educator Guide

This guide to Indigenous literature, created by Lakota educator Andrea Page in association with Heartdrum, includes discussion questions for Just Like Grandma as well as a general introduction to the importance of Indigenous books.

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