Book cover of Lei and the Invisible Island

Lei and the Invisible Island



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Penguin, 2024

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Malia Maunakea (Native Hawaiian)

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This sequel follows Lei after the events of Lei and the Fire Goddess. Lei is exhausted after saving Kaipo—her best friend and ancestral guardian—from the traps of Pele the Fire Goddess, and saving her Tūtū’s house from being destroyed by lava. But rest is not on the horizon for Lei because Kaipo’s aumakua pendant is missing. If they don’t retrieve it, Kaipo will disintegrate. Lei and Kaipo team up with a talking bat and fashionista Kaukahi to retrieve Kaipo’s pendant before it’s too late. The journey, however, takes them to an invisible island where they discover a threat greater than the lost pendant: evil spirits who are out for blood.

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