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My Good Man



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Levine Querido, 2022

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Eric Gansworth (Onondaga Nation)

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Brian, a 20-something reporter on the Niagara Cascade‘s City Desk, is navigating life as the only Indigenous writer in the newsroom, being lumped into reporting on stereotypical stories that homogenize his community, the nearby Tuscarora reservation. But when a mysterious roadside assault lands Tim, the brother of Brian’s mother’s late boyfriend in the hospital, Brian must pick up the threads of a life that he’s abandoned. Forced to confront his buried past, Brian seeks to balance himself between Haudenosaunee and American life, between the version of his story that would prize the individual over all else and the version of himself that depends on the entire community’s survival.

Notable Achievements

Kirkus Best of the Year; Boston Globe Best of the Year


Publishers Weekly: "Gansworth candidly offers a complex look at Brian’s efforts to cultivate his own sense of self while navigating two seemingly separate identities: his life growing up in Tuscarora and his life after leaving the reservation."

Kirkus Reviews: "Riveting, timeless, and indispensable."

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