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The Wolf Mother



Publisher & Publication Year

HighWater Press, 2021

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Hetxw'ms Gyetxw/Brett D. Huson (Gitxsan Nation)

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Natasha Donovan (Métis)



In a pack of grey wolves, new pups have just begun to open their eyes, one of which is a striking black female. Every day, her ears grow larger, her eyesight gets sharper, and her legs stretch farther. As she learns to hunt, play, and run with her pack, instinct pulls her to explore beyond her home territory. Will the young wolf’s bold spirit help her find a new pack of her very own? Learn about the life cycle of grey wolves, the traditions of the Gitxsan, and how these magnificent canines contribute to the health of their entire ecosystem.

Notable Achievements

Short-listed, Manuela Dias Book Design and Illustration Awards, Children’s Illustration 2022; Short-listed, Science Writers and Communicators of Canada Book Awards, Child and Youth 2022; Short-listed, Red Cedar Book Awards 2022; Long-listed, First Nations Communities READ 2022; Short-listed, Rocky Mountain Book Award 2023; Winner, Science Writers and Communicators of Canada's Paradigm Prize 2022


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