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This House is Not a Home



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Fernwood Publishing, 2022

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Katłįà Lafferty (Dene/Cree/Métis)

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This fictional story based on true events tells the story of Kǫ̀, a Dene man who grew up on the land before being taken to residential school. When he returns home, he struggles to connect with his family and to navigate the colonial way of life. Kǫ̀ is forced to work at the local mine, an industry known for destroying the land. His children seem to be moving farther and farther away from their culture and history. Kǫ̀ wishes to return to the place where his wife was born and live off the land like he had before. But as more time passes, this dream seems further away.

Notable Achievements

City of Victoria Butler Book Prize Nominee, 2023


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