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When We Are Kind



Publisher & Publication Year

Orca Books, 2020

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Monique Gray Smith (Cree, Lakota, and Scottish)

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Nicole Neidhardt (Diné)



This gentle, straightforward book gives simple examples of how we can be kind—to others, to the earth, to our pets, and even to ourselves. These examples are then followed up with explorations of how being kind and receiving kindness can make us feel.

Notable Achievements

Quill & Quire Best Books of the Year 2020, CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens 2021


Publishers Weekly: "Streamlined digital illustrations by Neidhardt portray an inclusive cast interacting, notably centering Indigenous families and characters of color in personal and communal activities—and encouraging readers to evaluate their actions toward others."

Kirkus Reviews: "A visual feast for families interested in seeing the Native world through small, kind deeds."

Educator Guide

This guide includes discussions and an interview with the illustrator, Nicole Neidhardt.

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