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Where Wonder Grows



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Lee and Low, 2022

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Xelena González (Tap Pilam Coahuiltecan Nation)

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Adriana M. Garcia



When Grandma walks to her special garden, her granddaughters know to follow her there. Grandma invites the girls to explore her collection of treasures—magical rocks, crystals, seashells, and meteorites—to see what wonders they reveal. As her granddaughters look closely, the treasures spark the girls’ imaginations. They find stories in the strength of rocks shaped by volcanoes, the cleansing power of beautiful crystals, the mystery of the sea that houses shells and shapes the environment, and the long journey meteorites took to find their way to Earth. This is the power of Grandma’s special garden, where wonder grows and stories blossom.

Notable Achievements

Pura Belpré Illustrator Award Winner; Kirkus Best Book; ALA Notable Children's Book; Skipping Stones Honor Award


Publishers Weekly: "Lyrical words by González emphasize the intergenerational ties that bind the characters and show Indigenous knowledge in the process of being passed down. Garcia’s portraits center affectionate familial gestures alongside mural-like views of sunset skies and evocative representations of fire, earth, air, and water."

Kirkus Reviews: "Simply dazzling."

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