Books written by Native, First Nations, and Indigenous authors are a valuable resource for educators. As mentioned above, there are several lists of recommended books created by trusted sources like the American Indians in Children’s Literature (AICL) and the American Indian Library Association (AILA). Many of these books are accompanied by educator’s guides, which are provided by the author/publisher. These guides can be found through the author’s/publisher’s website, and they usually include discussion topics and classroom activities relating to the reading material.

Lesson plans can be created even if an educator does not utilize a book as their focus of discussion. For example, IllumiNative is an online resource that provides educators with guides and lesson plans that deal with several topics, such as land acknowledgement and Native representation in the media. Furthermore, IllumiNative has partnered with the National Indian Education Association (NIEA) to create activities for the classroom that introduce art and food from various Native Nations. The overall goal for these lesson guides is to shape a new and positive narrative around Native, First Nation, and Indigenous communities.