Book cover A Path to the World: Becoming You

A Path to the World: Becoming You



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Atheneum, 2022

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Lori Marie Carlson-Hijuelos

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What does it mean to be yourself? To be born here or somewhere else? To be from one family instead of another? What does it mean to be human? Collected by Lori Carlson-Hijuelos, A Path to the World showcases essays by authors from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, including Abenaki writer Joseph Bruchac, all of which speak to the common thread of humanity, the desire to be your truest self, and to belong.

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Publishers Weekly: "The contributors—whose lived experiences vary across ethnicity, gender, occupation, and sexuality—discuss themes of financial precarity, race, prejudice, and privilege, providing myriad personal perspectives... These intriguing and offbeat stories sufficiently blend serious and spirited observations about the world."

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