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Kunu’s Basket



Publisher & Publication Year

Tilbury House, 2012

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Lee DeCora Francis (Penobscot/Ho-Chunk)

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Susan Drucker



Traditionally, the men in Kunu’s family weave baskets from ash strips. Kunu is eager to do the same, but he grows frustrated as he struggles to master the techniques. His grandfather steps in to encourage and assist, patiently walking Kunu through the process of creating and weaving the strips, and reassuring Kunu that it took him seven tries to get his first basket right when his own grandfather taught him to weave.

Notable Achievements


Publishers Weekly: "First-time author Francis emphasizes the value of cultural heritage in a straightforward tone that is earnest without becoming pedantic."

Kirkus Reviews: "It makes not only an attractive intergenerational story but shows how much work and patience go into one of those beautiful baskets."

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