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A Little Bit Super: With Small Powers Come Big Problems



Publisher & Publication Year

Clarion/HarperCollins, 2024

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Brian Young (Navajo)

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The kids in this collection of short stories each have a minor superpower they’re learning to live with. One can shape-shift—but only part of her body, and only on Mondays—another can always tell whether an avocado is perfectly ripe, and another can hear the thoughts of the animals in the pet store! Each kid learns to “own” their unique power that contributes to their individuality, allows them to find their place in the world, and shows them a potential they might not have otherwise imagined. Includes a short story by Brian Young (Navajo).

Notable Achievements

National Book Award Finalist; Newbery Honor Book; Michael L. Printz Honor Book


Kirkus Reviews: "An engaging and imaginative look at the powers of childhood."

Booklist: "Numerous award-winning contributors keep delightfully inclusive and accomplished company in this emotionally grounded, compassionate collection."

The Horn Book: "This project offers readers a careful, serious, and profound invitation to reflect on issues of identity, responsibility, social justice, and the myriad ways that people’s gifts—in both perception and application—can affect others’ lives, relationships, and the wider world. Illustrations not seen."

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