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Anumpa Warrior



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RockHaven Publishing, 2018

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Sarah Elizabeth Sawyer (Choctaw Nation)

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When Bertram Robert (B.B.) Dunn joins his fellow Choctaw friends to enlist in the U.S. army during the Great War, he is met in the trenches of France with a duty only his native Choctaw tongue can fulfill. Meanwhile, war correspondent Matthew Teller—B.B.’s uncle—seeks to tell the untold stories of American Indian infantrymen, aiming to spread truth in the face of entrenched stereotypes and prejudices. As the Allies build towards the greatest offensive drive of the war, the American forces find themselves thwarted by an enemy who intercepts their messages and knows their every move, and they must answer a difficult question: can the solution come from a people who their own government stripped of their lands, culture, and language?

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