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Buffalo Dreamer



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Nancy Paulsen/Penguin, 2024

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Violet Duncan (Cree/Taino)

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Eloy Bida (descendant of Indigenous people in Brazil)



Summer and her family always spend relaxed summers in Alberta, Canada, on the reservation where her mom’s family lives. But this year is turning out to be an eye-opening one: first, Summer beginst to dream of the real-life residential schools that tore Native children from their families, and then she learns that unmarked children’s graves have been discovered at the school her grandpa attended as a child. Now more folks are speaking up about their harrowing experiences at these places, including her grandfather. When the town holds a rally, Summer is proud to take part to acknowledge the painful past and speak of her hopes for the future, and anxious to find someone who can fill her in on the source of her unsettling dreams.

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