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Chia and the Fox Man



Publisher & Publication Year

Alaska Northwest Books, 2021

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Barbara Atwater (Dena'ina) and Ethan Atwater (Dena'ina)

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Mindy Dwyer



Life is hard for Chia. His village doesn’t have enough food and every day there are many chores to do. Chia always goes to bed hungry and tired. One night, Chia wakes to a strange noise. He decides to investigate―and meets the legendary Fox Man. Will the Fox Man be able to help Chia and his village?

Notable Achievements

Featured by Betsy Bird and Evanston Public Library as one of 101 Great Books for Kids List of 2020


Kirkus Reviews: "The Atwaters retell this Alaskan Dena'ina teaching story, learned from their great uncle, folding Dena'ina words in where appropriate. Dwyer's muted but lively use of color and line brings the story to life."

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This guide, created by the team at West Margin Press, includes pre-reading discussion questions, post-reading discussion questions, and extension activities.

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