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Eagle Drums



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Roaring Book Press, 2023

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Nasuġraq Rainey Hopson (Alaskan Native Iñupiaq)

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This book centers around the origin story of a Native Alaskan tradition called the Iñupiaq Messenger Feast. In preparation for winter, a young hunter travels up the mountain to obtain obsidian, where he meets an eagle god called Savik. The boy is given a choice: follow Savik to the home of the eagles or die like his two older brothers. He bravely chooses the unknown and follows Savik. On this journey, the boy is taught by Eagle Mother about spirituality and nature. Then, he shares this knowledge, leading to the Iñupiaq people receiving the gift of song, dance, community, and the traditions of the Messenger Feast.

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Kirkus Reviews: "A captivating tale filled with enduring lessons about overcoming the fear of others."

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