Book cover of Giju's Gift: Adventures of the Pugulatmu’j

Giju’s Gift: Adventures of the Pugulatmu’j



Publisher & Publication Year

Highwater Press, 2022

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Brandon Mitchell (Mi’gmaq)

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Veronika Barinova and Britt Wilson



When her hair clip disappears, Mali is devastated—it was special, made by her giju’. Her mom thinks she lost it, but Mali knows it was stolen by the pugulatmu’j, the Little People. Soon after, Mali is surprised to meet Puug—and he’s wearing her hair clip. If she helps him find what he needs, she has a chance of getting it back. As they hunt for the objects on Puug’s list, Mali uncovers a lot of unanswered questions along the way. Will she really get her hair clip back? And why is Puug collecting these things anyway?

Notable Achievements

Nominee, First Nation Communities Read, 2023; Short-listed, Manuela Dias Book Design and Illustration Awards, Graphic Novel, 2023; Long-listed, PMC Indigenous Literature Award 2023


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