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Greet the Dawn



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South Dakota Historical Society Press, 2012

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S.D. Nelson (Lakota, enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe)

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S.D. Nelson (Lakota, enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe)



Pickup trucks and eagles, yellow school buses and painted horses, Mother Earth and Sister Meadowlark all join together to greet the dawn. They marvel at the colors and sounds, smells and memories that come with the opening of the day. Animals and humans alike turn their faces upwards and gaze as the sun makes its daily journey from horizon to horizon Dawn is a time to celebrate with a smiling heart, to start a new day in the right way, excited for what might come. Birds sing and dance, children rush to learn, dewdrops glisten from leaves, and gradually the sun warms us. Each time the sun starts a new circle, we can start again as well. All these things are part of the Lakota way, a means of living in balance.

Notable Achievements

Silver Medal, Picture Book Early Reader: Literary Classics Book Awards (2013); Silver Medal, Best Illustrator: Moonbeam Children's Book Awards (2012)


Kirkus Reviews: “A celebration of the Lakota Way for those attuned to it and an explanation for those outside of this tradition… A serene, joyous appreciation of our place in the natural world.”

Educator Guide

This guide was created by SDSU (South Dakota State University) Extension as part of their iGrow Readers program, and includes nutrition and physical activities for children to complete after reading this book, as well as a parent newsletter for at-home activities.

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