Book cover of Hedge Over Heels: A Wish Novel

Hedge Over Heels: A Wish Novel



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Scholastic, 2022

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Elise McMullen-Ciotti (Cherokee Nation)

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Rayna is used to being the new kid at school, but that doesn’t mean she wants to make new friends! Why bother when the military will only reassign her mom again soon anyway? The only friend Rayna wants is a furry, four-legged one—but instead of the dog she’s been dreaming of, what Rayna gets is a hedgehog named Spike who is as prickly and emo as she is. Worse, Rayna’s mom insists she enter Spike in a pet talent show to get to know some kids her age, including a cute boy named Nick. Only Spike doesn’t want to hang out or show off any more than Rayna does. Will Rayna curl herself into a ball and hide, or will she and Spike take a chance for a new pack of friends?

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