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In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse



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Abrams, 2015

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Joseph Marshall III (Sicangu Lakota)

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Jim Yellowhawk



You wouldn’t guess it by his name, but Jimmy McClean is a Lakota boy: his mother is Lakota, and his father is half Lakota and half white. Seeking to connect with his heritage, Jimmy embarks on a journey with his grandfather, Nyles High Eagle, who tells him the story of Crazy Horse, one of the most important figures in Lakota—and American—history. In this narrative intertwining of fiction and nonfiction, Brulé Lakota author Joseph Marshall III chronicles the heroic deeds of Crazy Horse, who fought against the encroachments of the U.S. government on the lands and way of life of the Lakota people. Through his grandfather’s tales about this famous warrior, Jimmy learns about his Lakota heritage and, ultimately, himself.

Notable Achievements


Publishers Weekly: “Marshall’s novel alternates between a field trip Jimmy and his grandfather take in order for Jimmy to better understand his heritage and the principal person they study on the trip, the great Lakota leader Crazy Horse.”

Kirkus Reviews: “This powerful introduction to a great warrior and leader invites readers to ponder the meaning of “hero.’”

School Library Journal: “A moving narrative that should be required reading for all students of American history.”

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