Book cover of Inuunira: A Story of Survival

Inuunira: A Story of Survival



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Inhabit Media, 2022

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Brian Koonoo (Inuit)

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Ben Shannon



In this harrowing survival story, Brian Koonoo takes off on a hunting trip in Canada’s Arctic. After his snowmobile breaks down, his GPS loses signal, and his camping fuel runs low, he is left alone to survive for seven days. Inuunira is an Inuktitut term that means “how I’m alive,” and this account shows how Brian managed to do that—stay alive. He experiences close encounters with planes, blizzards, and hunger, all while much of his gear is lost. Walking 60 kilometres in search of safety, he uses the knowledge his father and Elders taught him—modern and traditional means of navigation, finding water, making shelters, and keeping his spirits up—to continue on.

Notable Achievements

Kirkus Best Teen & YA Nonfiction of 2022


Publishers Weekly: "Koonoo artfully crafts an adventurous read that is equal parts appreciation for nature and Indigenous culture, and thrilling survival story."

Kirkus Reviews: "Speaking directly to Inuit readers in a way that instills pride in heritage, this work has broad appeal... An unforgettable physical and emotional journey."

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