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Learning My Rights With Mousewoman



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Native Northwest, 2021

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Morgan Asoyuf (Ts'msyen Eagle Clan)

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Morgan Asoyuf (Ts'msyen Eagle Clan)



Mousewoman is an important figure in the oral and visual traditions of the Northwest Coast Indigenous cultures. This book features the grandmotherly guide, known for communicating advice and knowledge to children, as Mousewoman encourages children to recognize and celebrate both their rights, and the responsibilities that come with them.

This book sends a message of empowerment to children, reminding them that they have valuable rights—from deserving physical safety and healthy food, to the right to express themselves and to learn about their cultural heritage. The discussion of rights (and of the responsibilities that often come with them) is important to develop children’s confidence and sense of justice.

Notable Achievements

American Indian Youth Literature Award: 2022 Picture Book Honor


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