Book cover of Loaf the Cat Goes to the Powwow

Loaf the Cat Goes to the Powwow



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Nancy Paulsen/Penguin Random House, 2024

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Nicholas DeShaw (Bois Forte Ojibwe)

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Tara Audibert (Wolastoqey)



Loaf the cat loves to play with her boy, and when she’s particularly happy, she’ll make the purr sound for him. She also likes to keep tabs on him, so when he disappears one day, she decides to find him. She follows his smell to a place where there are drums and colors and lots of people—and then she’s excited to see her boy dancing fast, making the ribbons on his regalia twirl beautifully! When he takes a break, Loaf goes to greet him in her special way, making the powwow one her boy will never forget, and worthy of many purrs!

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Publishers Weekly: "Illustrations from Audibert, of Wolastoqiyik and French heritage, aptly capture the energy of a cat at play and a boy taking part in the powwow—and the two displaying affection for each other"

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