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Looking for Smoke



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HarperCollins/Heartdrum, 2024

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K. A. Cobell (Blackfeet)

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Leah Rose Kolakowski (Keweenaw Bay Ojibwe)



When local girl Loren includes Mara in a traditional Blackfeet Giveaway to honor Loren’s missing sister, Mara thinks she’ll finally make some friends on the Blackfeet reservation. Instead, a girl from the Giveaway, Samantha White Tail, is found murdered. Because the four members of the Giveaway group were the last to see Samantha alive, each becomes a person of interest in the investigation. And all of them—Mara, Loren, Brody, and Eli—have a complicated history with Samantha. Despite deep mistrust, the four must now take matters into their own hands and clear their names—even though one of them may be the murderer.

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Publishers Weekly: "Cobell highlights the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women crisis and delivers a gut-punch of an ending in this timely debut thriller that is by turns spine-tingling and emotionally raw."

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