Book cover of Lost at Windy River: A True Story of Survival

Lost at Windy River: A True Story of Survival



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Orca Books, 2024

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Trina Rathgeber (Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation)

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Alina Pete (Little Pine First Nation) Jillian Dolan



In 1944, thirteen-year-old Ilse Schweder got lost in a snowstorm while checking her family’s trapline in northern Canada. This book tells the harrowing story of how a young Indigenous girl defies the odds and endures nine days alone in the unforgiving barrens. Ilse faces many challenges, including freezing temperatures, wild animals, snow blindness and frostbite. With no food or supplies, she relies on Traditional Indigenous Knowledge passed down from her family and uses her connection to the land and animals, wilderness skills, and resilience to find her way home.

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