Book cover of Mashkiki Road: The Seven Grandfather Teachings

Mashkiki Road: The Seven Grandfather Teachings



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Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2022

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Elizabeth S. Barrett (Red Lake Ojibwe)

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Jonathan Thunder (Red Lake Ojibwe)



When Grandma Mindy runs out of medicines, cousins Lily, Ogimaa, and Ellie are ready to help. Together they will travel Mashkiki Road—the road where the medicines grow—in search of sage and cedar for Grandma. Along the way, they meet seven wise beings: Makwa (Bear), Sa’be (Bigfoot), Mashkode-Bizhiikii (Buffalo), Ma’iingan (Wolf), Amik (Beaver), Mikinaak (Turtle), and Migizi (Eagle). These benevolent creatures teach the cousins the lessons of the the Seven Grandfather Teachings, including courage, honesty, respect, and love. When Lily, Ogimaa, and Ellie return to Grandma’s, it is with not only sage and cedar, but also tales of the wisdom they gained along the way.

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