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Métis Like Me



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Tundra Books, 2024

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Tasha Hilderman (Métis)

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Risa Hugo



Are you Métis like me? A group of children of Métis descent share and explore all the ways they celebrate and experience their heritage—enjoying traditional foods like bannock bread and Saskatoon berries; crafting with beads; sharing stories, dance, music and songs. Each child shares a different way they enjoy honoring their backgrounds and weaving parts of the rich tapestry that makes up Métis culture. One child, though, has grown up disconnected from their history, and can’t join in with the others in the same way. But they soon see it’s never too late to learn, celebrate or become a part of a community in which Métis and non-Métis alike can discover the richness of an often-overlooked culture.

Notable Achievements


School Library Journal: "This joyful, inclusive picture book involves everyone in an introduction to Métis culture... A first purchase for libraries looking to expand Indigenous representation in collections."

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