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Project 562



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Ten Speed Press, 2023

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Matika Wilbur (Swinomish and Tulalip)

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Over the course of ten years, photographer Matika Wilbur set out on a journey to photograph people from each of the then-562 tribal Nations on the land presently known as the United States. This collection of essays and photographs showcases Native joy while touching on topics like language preservation, traditional knowledge keeping, identity, belonging, representation, sovereignty, and more. This nonfiction collection of essays and photographs is a love letter to Indigeneity while sharing the diverse lives Native peoples lead. Though this title is not marketed solely for young readers, it is appropriate for teen readers.

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Kirkus Reviews: "Essential for readers interested in modern Native American lives and traditions."

Educator Guide

Here, the National Museum of the American Indian offers a look at four of the oral narratives featured in Project 562 juxtaposed with misrepresented Native life, plus discussion questions.

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