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Tanna’s Lemming



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Inhabit Media, 2022

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Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley (Inuk, Scottish and Cree) and Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley (Scottish and Mohawk)

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Tamara Campeau



In this follow-up to Tanna’s Owl, Tanna finds a small, grey lemming, far too cute to turn over to the scientist who has sent the children out to gather lemmings for his research. Instead, Tanna deems Fluffi to be a family member and attempts to raise the lemming in her home. But when the lemming strays from its cozy bed behind the stove and into Tanna’s mother’s things, Tanna is forced to consider whether she has really done what is best for Fluffi. Is it possible to treat something poorly by trying to treat it well?

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School Library Journal: "Inhabit Media has a tendency to specialize in Inuit stories that come from lived experience. And while I always make a point to try to read everything they put out, this book in particular struck my fancy."

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This guide, created by Inhabit Media, includes pre-reading discussion questions, during and post-reading discussion questions, and extension activities.

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