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Tasting Light



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Penguin, 2022

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Nasugraq Rainey Hopson (Inupiaq). In this anthology, Hopson wrote the story, "The Weight of a Name."

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What does the future hold? In this anthology, ten speculative short stories, including “The Weight of a Name” by Inupiaq author Nasugraq Rainey Hopson, imagine what the world could be through the lens of technologies emerging today. When the modification industry transforms how humans look, sound, and interact, a nonbinary teen braves the “reinvention room” to accept a gift from the dead. In an accidental city in space, a young apprentice holds neighborhoods together with braided carbon filaments until distraction and inspiration arrive in the wake of a visitor. Entitlement-fueled drug use alters the landscape of white privilege, robots remember the Earth, and corporate “walkers” stroll for unknown subscribers—until one hacks the system. The book is edited by A.R. Capetta and Wade Roush.

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Publishers Weekly: "The creators seamlessly tackle relevant issues such as colonization, misogyny, transphobia, and white entitlement in this eclectic celebration of infinite possibility and the ever-present human spirit."

Kirkus Reviews: "The anthology celebrates queerness, a variety of gender identities, and the freedom to be oneself... A top-notch hard science fiction collection."

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