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The Day The Earth Rose Up



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Native Voices, 2022

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Alfreda Beartrack-Algeo (Lower Brule Lakota Nation)

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Alfreda Beartrack-Algeo (Lower Brule Lakota Nation)



When seven Lakota sisters venture deep into the forest to gather chokecherries, they are surprised and chased by a giant bear. As they huddle together on a rock ledge and pray for help, the earth rises up, taking them out of reach of the beast. Then, a great eagle rescues the Seven Sisters by taking them to the Star Nation, where they become the Pleiades star formation we see in the night sky.

Notable Achievements

Winner, Children's Book Council Teacher Favorites for Grade 3-5


Publishers Weekly: "Alongside jewel-toned paintings that foreground the natural world, Beartrack-Algeo incorporates many traditional elements in this picture book about 'how everyone and everything is interconnected. What is sacred above, is sacred below.'"

Kirkus Reviews: "Lovingly depicts the sacred relationship between Lakota people and their homeland."

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