Book cover of The Great Bear: The Misewa Saga

The Great Bear: The Misewa Saga Vol. 2



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Puffin Canada, 2021

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David A. Robertson (Norway House Cree)

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In this second book in the Indigenous fantasy series The Misewa Saga, Eli and Morgan journey once more to Misewa, travelling back in time. Back at home after their first adventure in the Barren Grounds, Eli and Morgan each struggle with personal issues: Eli is being bullied at school, and tries to hide it from Morgan, while Morgan has to make an important decision about her birth mother. They turn to the place where they know they can learn the most, and make the journey to Misewa to visit their animal friends. This time they travel back in time and meet a young fisher that might just be their lost friend. But they discover that the village is once again in peril, and they must dig deep within themselves to find the strength to protect their beloved friends. Can they carry this strength back home to face their own challenges?

Notable Achievements

A Canadian Children's Book Centre Favourite Book of the Year 2021


Kirkus Reviews: "A cliffhanger ending compels a return to this absorbing Indigenous fantasy."

Educator Guide

This guide was created by Métis educator April Waters, and includes discussion questions and extension activities.

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