Book cover of The Kodiaks: Home Ice Advantage

The Kodiaks: Home Ice Advantage



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Highwater Press, 2024

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David A. Robertson (Norway House Cree)

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Eleven-year-old Alex Robinson is a talented hockey player, but his life changes when his family relocates to the city for his father’s new job. Alex doesn’t feel like he fits in at school because his fellow classmates don’t understand his Indigenous culture. Alex is misunderstood, and he gets in trouble when he shows a simple gesture to his teacher, which is meant to be a sign of respect. When Alex joins his local hockey team, the Kodiaks, he’s undeniably one of the best players, but his Indigenous heritage is a target for bullying. While balancing wanting to fit in with embracing his identity, Alex must learn to trust that his teammates will stick up for him against other teams and their antagonistic comments.

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