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The Legend of the Spirit Serpent



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Reycraft, 2022

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Adaiah Sanford (Kalinago)

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Ken Daley



This modern retelling of a traditional Kalinago legend from the Caribbean island of Dominica recounts the story of a huge serpent who once guarded the indigenous people. Natari, a girl from Snake Cou village, loves hearing stories about the mysterious Spirit Serpent. Said to dwell in a sea cave filled with treasure, from which he protects her people, the Sea Serpent grants the wishes of those who visit him—but only tribal leaders can safely enter. When Natari secretly ventures to the Spirit Serpent’s cave herself, she finds that he has a wish of his own.

Notable Achievements

Winner of the 1st Annual Caribbean Writer’s Contest


Kirkus Reviews: "A rare jewel of a tale that asserts the place of Indigenous Caribbean lore within the picture-book tradition."

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