Book cover of The Rez Detectives: Justice Served Cold

The Rez Detectives: Justice Served Cold



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Literati Press, 2021

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Steven Paul Judd (Kiowa/Choctaw) and Tvli Jacob (Choctaw)

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M.K. Perker



This summer, Tasembo just wants to chill. But that’s not an option when it’s a scorching day on the Reservation and the Ice Cream Man is a no-show. In an attempt to impress his crush by solving the mystery, Tasembo joins forces with his neighbor, Nuseka, and his dog, Billy Jack, to take on their first case as the Rez Dog Detectives. With twists around every corner, this case won’t crack itself, but when you combine Nuseka’s brains, Billy Jack’s loyalty, and Tasembo’s… persistence, justice will be served. Cold, that is.

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