Book cover of The Sleeping Giant (The Misewa Saga, Vol. Five)

The Sleeping Giant: The Misewa Saga, Vol. 5



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Tundra Books, 2024

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David A. Robertson (Norway House Cree)

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In this fifth book in the Indigenous fantasy series the Misewa Saga, Eli, Morgan and Emily embark on their most dangerous mission yet, to save the kidnapped animal beings of Ministik. But before they can reach the heavily guarded Land of the Sleeping Giant, Eli must rally more help, not just from old friends, but from surprising new allies. And he must rely on a new way to travel: on the back of the leader of the Bird Warriors himself, Pip. Together they will journey across the North Country, on a mission to reconnect the Bird Warriors, as well as confront old enemies. But even as he must fight for his life—and the lives of his friends and new family—Eli must also come to terms with his newfound knowledge: What does it mean that he is only part human?

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