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The Three Hunters



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Inhabit Media, 2022

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Raymond Gianfrancesco and Grade 4 of Leo Ussak School

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Thamires Paredes



When Akagaq, the youngest brother of three, gets caught in a blizzard, he makes a tent—but it is no match for the powerful winds. Trapped in the cold, he is helped by his brother Tiriaq. Tiriaq digs into a snowdrift for shelter, but the wind is still too strong and blows out their lamp. Akkiutaq, the eldest brother, arrives to save them, and brings them to the iglu he has carefully built. The wind threatens to destroy the iglu as well, but the shelter proves strong, and the brothers are safe. Ultimately, the brothers learn an important lesson about paying attention to their Elders, and taking care in what they do.

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Kirkus Reviews: "The story is charming and engaging, with a fresh and authentic feeling... An inspired retelling of a beloved tale."

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