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The Unfinished



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HarperCollins/Heartdrum, 2024

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Cheryl Isaacs (Mohawk)

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When small-town athlete Avery’s morning run leads her to a strange pond in the middle of the forest, she awakens a horror the townspeople of Crook’s Falls have long forgotten: The black water. The water has been waiting, watching, hungry for the souls it needs to survive. As the black water haunts Avery—taking a new form each time—people in town begin to go missing. While Avery had never really connected to her Indigenous culture or understood the stories her Kanien’kéha:ka (Mohawk) relatives told her, the Elders may be the only ones who have the answers she needs. When Key, Avery’s best friend and longtime crush, is the next to disappear, she is faced with a choice: listen to the Kanien’kéha:ka and save the town but lose her friend forever… Or listen to her heart and risk everything to get Key back.

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