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The Youngest Sister



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Greystone Kids, 2022

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Suniyay Moreno (Quechua)

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Mariana Chiesa



In the dry Andean foothills, Picu’s family is very poor. One morning, Picu is sent to get a marrow bone from a neighbor, which will add flavor and nutrition to their lunchtime soup. Her mother warns her not to dawdle on the walk through the wild landscape, but Picu can’t help it! She marvels at the butterflies, samples the cactus fruit, and daydreams about using the marrow bone as a football. Will the neighbor let her family keep the bone after the soup is made? Will her mother let her play with it? And will she be punished for being so late?

Notable Achievements


Kirkus Reviews: "A memorable story alive with the voice of an Indigenous people seldom heard from."

Educator Guide

This guide includes pre-reading questions and activities, an introduction to key Quechuan vocabulary, discussion questions, and extension activities.

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