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We All Play



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Greystone Books, 2021

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Julie Flett (Cree-Métis)

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Julie Flett (Cree-Métis)



Animals and kids love to play. This book celebrates playtime and the connection between children and the natural world. The illustrations show birds who chase and chirp, bears who wiggle and wobble, whales who swim and squirt, and a diverse group of kids who love to do the same, shouting: We play too! / kimêtawânaw mîna! At the end of the book, animals and children alike gently fall asleep after a fun day of playing outside.

Notable Achievements

An American Indian Youth Literature Honor Title; A 2020 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award Honor Title; A Best Book of 2019 in Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, and Horn Book.


Publishers Weekly: "An author’s note discusses the Cree phrase as well as the kinship between animals and people... In spare compositions, Flett aptly underlines this idea by showing animals and humans embracing play in similar ways."

Kirkus Reviews: "Simple text and bold, graphic illustrations celebrate our interconnection with the creatures who share our world."

School Library Journal: "This delightful picture book features woodland animals, found in North America, mirroring playtime for children… Add to any library collection and pair it with Julie Flett’s Birdsong."

The Horn Book: "With only four or five words on most of the spreads, the text is spare, lilting, and sensory, emphasizing action. The pictures are similarly simple and playful, with plenty of space warmly surrounding the figures."

Educator Guide

This guide, created by educator Jackie Lever, includes pre-reading questions, discussion questions, and multimedia extension activities.

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