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We Still Belong



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Heartdrum, 2023

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Christine Day (Upper Skagit)

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Wesley is proud of the poem she wrote for Indigenous Peoples’ Day—but the reaction from a teacher makes her wonder if expressing herself is important enough. And due to the specific tribal laws of her family’s Nation, Wesley is unable to enroll in the Upper Skagit tribe and is left feeling “not Native enough.” Through the course of the novel, with the help of her family and friends, she comes to embrace her own place within the Native community.

Notable Achievements


Publishers Weekly: "Via Wesley’s self-aware and astoundingly perceptive first-person voice, Day highlights everyday tween conflicts about fitting in alongside experiential concerns surrounding identifying with one’s heritage in this warmhearted approach to searching for—and finding—community and inclusion"

Kirkus Reviews: "This story, which weaves diversity into the supporting cast, incorporates layers of Native identity throughout... The triumphant ending shows Wesley raised up by family, friends, and community. A rich, captivating story that will resonate with readers."

Educator Guide

This guide to Indigenous literature, created by Andrea Page in association with Heartdrum, includes discussion questions for We Still Belong as well as a general introduction to the importance of Indigenous books.

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