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A Letter for Bob



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Heartdrum, 2023

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Kim Rogers (Wichita and Affiliated Tribes)

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Jonathan Nelson (Navajo)



Ever since the day Mom and Dad brought Bob home from the car dealership, Bob has been a part of Katie’s family. Bob has taken them all over, from powwows to vacations to time spent with faraway family. Bob has been there in sad and scary times and for some of the family’s most treasured memories. But after many miles, it’s time for the family to say goodbye to Bob, and Katie takes this bittersweet opportunity to reminisce on their times together.

Notable Achievements


Kirkus Reviews: "For its tender vignettes of modern Indigenous life, this tale will make a glowing addition to any personal, school, or public library. Slice-of-life Native stories told with joy and reverence."

Booklist: “Imaginative children from many backgrounds will empathize with Katie’s feelings and her reluctance to say goodbye. An engaging, emotionally resonant picture book.”

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