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Liar’s Test



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Knopf, 2024

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Ambelin Kwaymullina (Palyku)

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Bell Silverleaf is a liar. It’s how she’s survived. It’s how all Treesingers have survived, after they were invaded by the Risen and their gods. But now—thanks to some political maneuvering—Bell is in the Queen’s Test, one of the seven girls competing for the crown. If she wins, Bell can use the power to help her people and get her revenge on the Risen. But Bell doesn’t know how much she’s been lied to. She’s part of a conspiracy stretching back generations, and she’s facing much bigger dangers than the Queen’s Test. She’s up against the gods themselves.

Notable Achievements


Publishers Weekly: "Intriguing and layered worldbuilding that draws on the author’s Australian Indigenous culture steals the show in this serpentine fantasy adventure."

Kirkus Reviews: "Tucked into a twisty, fast-paced narrative that explores legacies of colonialism are subtle messages about the ever-changing, symbiotic web of life. Intriguing and imaginative."

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