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Ready When You Are



Publisher & Publication Year

Scholastic, 2022

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Gary Lonesborough (Yuin)

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Jackson is an Aboriginal teen who’s ready to enjoy his break from school. During a summer on the Mish, the sweltering days consist of hanging out with friends, messing with tourists, and dodging the local racist boys. As Christmas approaches, Jackson is excited for the family tradition: a visit from Aunty Pam and his cousins. But this holiday is different: Aunty Pam brings an extra guest named Tomas, a mysterious artist who was recently released from Juvie. Jackson’s friendship with Tomas grows into feelings that he can’t deny, but in a community filled with racism and homophobia, he doesn’t want to come out. Luckily, a group of Elders guides Jackson through this transformative summer as he connects with his Koori culture—and his true self.

Notable Achievements

Victorian Premier’s Literary Award Nominee for Indigenous Writing, 2022; Shortlisted - CBCA Book of the Year, Older Readers, 2022; Shortlisted, NSW Premier’s Literary Award, Indigenous Writers’ Prize, 2022, Shortlisted Adelaide Festival Awards, Young Adult Fiction, 2022; Shortlisted QLD Literary Awards, Griffith Young Adult Book Award, 2021


Kirkus Reviews: "What starts as a slow-burn love story riddled with internalized homophobia blossoms into a beautiful relationship alongside discussions of racism and classism... An affirming, textured coming-out story."

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