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Rez Ball



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Heartdrum, 2023

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Byron Graves (Ojibwe)

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Tre Brun is an Ojibwe sophomore living in Minnesota, and he dreams of playing in the NBA one day. As a determined athlete for the Red Lake Reservation’s high school basketball team, Tre finds solace in the game, especially after his older brother, Jaxon, dies in an accident. So when his brother’s former team members offer mentorship to Tre, he sees this as his chance to lead his Ojibwe rez to their first state championship. Following his brother’s legacy as a star player demands perfection on the court—and in the classroom. Tre accepts this challenge in the hopes of fulfilling his dreams, in addition to the dreams of his brother and their rez team.

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Kirkus Reviews: "Debut author Graves presents a deeply personal look at grief, the weight of expectations, and the ways we find connections with those we have lost... This one shoots and scores."

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