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Sugar Falls: A Residential School Story



Publisher & Publication Year

HighWater Press, 2021

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David A. Robertson (Norway House Cree)

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Scott B. Henderson and Donovan Yaciuk



As part of a school assignment, Daniel interviews his friend’s grandmother, Betsy. She recounts how she was forcibly taken to a residential school at the age of eight. During her time at the school, Betsy endured physical and emotional abuse, and she even witnessed the death of a friend who tried to escape. Despite living in constant fear, Betsy defied the oppressive rule that forbade her from speaking her Cree language. She was determined to survive and keep her culture alive, and she attributes this determination to her father—and his lesson about the power of ancestors. This graphic novel is based on the real-life story of Elder Betty Ross, and the 10th Anniversary Edition includes an afterword from Elder Betty.

Notable Achievements

Shortlisted, SOLS First Nation Communities READ Award, 2021; CBC Books’ Canadian Comics to Watch in Spring, 2021


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