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Those Pink Mountain Nights



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Heartdrum, 2023

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Jen Ferguson (Michif/Métis)

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In a small snowy town, three teens have a transformative encounter at their local restaurant, Pink Mountain Pizza. Jessie, labeled as a flirt and a wealthy girl, hopes her new pizza-making job will be a fulfilling outlet where she can prove that she’s more than her labels. Her co-worker, Berlin, is excelling at school and her part-time gig, which means she doesn’t have time for friends. Cameron, following the disappearance of his cousin, drops out of high school as he grapples with the town’s apathy over another missing Native girl. When Jessie, Berlin, and Cameron are all forced to confront their painful pasts, they learn the power and strength that comes from friendship.

Notable Achievements

Junior Library Guild Gold Selection, 2023


Kirkus Reviews: "this introspective, character-driven story examines heavy topics, including Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, depression, and anti-Blackness, with sensitivity and compassion... Intimate and impactful."

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